ProjectWise - Update Projectwise Attributes From Drawing After Import

Hi All, 

Basic Question:

Is there a way to update the title block ProjectWise attributes from an imported drawing, when ProjectWise is set to update the drawing anytime it is open since all workflows currently require ProjectWise attributes be open?


So we have a client with a workflow that requires us to export the drawings from their ProjectWise to our network drives, work on them locally, outside their ProjectWise environment. Then, once the work is completed, we have to import the drawings back into their ProjectWise.

This workflow currently causes an issue with title block attributes. They have the title block set to update anytime a drawing is opened or checked out of their ProjectWise. So, once we import the drawing, because the work done was outside ProjectWise, when we or they open the drawings from ProjectWise, the changes we make to the title block are lost. So it is currently part of the workflow, to open the imported drawings,  undo the attribute changes,  and then run the VBA to update ProjectWise (titleblock updatedms).

Looking through the posts, articles,  and help files, it appears that the only way to push the attributes from a drawing requires opening the drawing in MicroStation. Even the method which uses VBA and managed workspaces, rather than the update when opened options in ProjectWise requires  the drawing to be opened in MicroStation from ProjectWise. Which, with their options attribute update options (that they want to keep for their internal workflow), there doesn't appear to be a way to update the ProjectWise attributes with this workflow, except the undo method.

I think it maybe possible with the "Bulk update attributes" utility, but I wanted to see if there were any other options.

Do y'all know of any other ways to pull the attributes from a drawing once the drawing is imported?

Any advice would be appreciated.

MicroStation V8i ( SELECTseries 3) - Version
ProjectWise Explorer (SELECTseries 4) - Version