ProjectWise wep API (REST)

I am creating an application where I use the ProjectWise web API (REST) version 2.4.

I find the documentation quite sparse. I need help in two specific areas:

1) Saved searches

/PW_WSG/SavedSearchDefinition gives me all instances of saved searches, but I don't know how to "execute" a search.

2) Document custom properties

I need a way to get all the custom properties (the environment meta data) for a given document.

Can anybody help with these issues?



  • Bentley Web Services Gateway has replaced ProjectWise Web Services Gateway; which is no longer in active development. Please consider updating your code to using the new and fully supported Bentley Web Services Gateway REST APIs, then feel free to search and ask any questions on the Bentley Mobile App Development forum.
  • Hi Swarnila,

    It is the BWSG 2.4 API that I am using. Maybe I was just wrong in calling it ProjectWise Web API - since the B in BWSG is probably "Bentley"?

    Is this the right and current version to use?

  • Hi Leif,

    Yes, Web API version 2.4 of Bentley Web Services Gateway is the latest available so far although soon we are about to release a new one.
    Answering to your original questions:
    1) One of the examples to execute a search would be:
    /PW_WSG/SavedSearchDefinition?$filter=Name like 'Documents'
    where variable 'Documents' is the criterion by which you want to search. it may be any value.
    More information about other query options, please find the article on Developer's guide at:
    2) To get a Document custom properties, you could use this query:
    that would apply for all documents.
    Or you can get the custom properties for the specific document:

    Hope it helps.

  • Hi Aleksas,

    Thank you for your input. However, your suggestion on item 1 is what I have already tried (as I wrote in my initial question), and that only gives me (as the name implies) the definition for the saved searches - the name, whether it is global or not and the project to which it belongs).
    What I need is the resulting documents when the search is executed.
    Can you help me with that?

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