No Datasources returned from aaApi_SelectDataSourceDataBufferByServer2 at site

I am using aaApi_SelectDataSourceDataBufferByServer2 to get a list of the datasources on a particular server.  I wrote a sample console application to test this api.  

I have two offices - lets call them ONSITE, and REMOTE,  the REMOTE office can access datasources via ProjectWise Explorer application but when calling the console app using the aaApi_SelectDataSourceDataBufferByServer2, no datasources are returned.  They are returned when the console application is run ONSITE.  

I have since installed ProjectWise on a server at the REMOTE location and this does return a list of data sources for this REMOTE server, yet none for ONSITE still.  Are there network or permissions that are required to access the datasources through the api?


  • Mandi, The API requires that the Explorer client is installed. Have you installed the same version of explorer client at ONSITE and configured it to work correctly? If this is setup and still does not work, then make sure that you are calling the same DLL files on both machines. For instance you would want to call the DLL files from C:\Program Files on both machines and not C:\Program Files (x86) on one and C:\Program Files on the other. I hard coded the paths on mine to ensure they were calling the appropriate ones.

  • Yes, same versions. I have now seen this with a few different ProjectWise Servers. I also have seen a case where the DataSources are available with the ProjectWise Explorer User Interface but not available through the api : aaApi_SelectDataSourceDataBufferByServer2 with returned error 32768. 

    The help ends abruptly when describing the first parameter for the api . Do you know what the ulFlags parameter can be defined as?