Microsoft Excel VBA References Library

Good Morning,

I noticed that in my VBA References I have access to a few Projectwise libraries. I am interested in looking at some sort of guide or library to see what functions are available in these references. I am specifically interested in the Projectwise Base Integration 1.0 Type Library, Projectwise InterPlot Organizer for Microstation, and Bentley License 1.0 Type Library. Does anyone know where I can find any sort of reference material for these?


  • The Projectwise Explorer API is not a COM API and would not use those libraries. In order to interact with the api you have to setup a platform invoke (p/Invoke) wrapper to call the native C++ dlls.  To my knowledge this is not supported by Bentley.  It can be done, but takes knowledge of how the API works in C++ and adapting it for use in another language.