Setup of MostOfDavesClasses for SDK for ProjectWise

I installed the SDK but not sure what the next step is.

Program will be done with VB.NET but unsure how it loads the calls to C++.

I did find MostOfDavesClasses for C# and tried to load it to test. Adding references to System.Configuration.dll and System.Web fixed the errors I was getting.

Is that all there is to the setup? When do the C++ files get called? It looks like I just need the dll included with ProjectWise Explorer.

Would be great if someone could clarify a few things to get me started.

  • Kevin,

    I'm not sure what else you were looking for.  The "next step" ideally would be for you to take the ProjectWise SDK training, but that is only currently offered "on demand" and at your location, so the most common "next step" would be to work through all of the sample code provided with the SDK.  However, you also need to work with the documentation provided with the SDK to learn more about the way you can create customizations or standalone applications with it.  Some of those samples are Custom Modules (DLLs) and don't run by themselves.  Custom Modules are intended to be loaded by ProjectWise Explorer at startup and there are specifics requirements for setthing that up.  Also, custom menus using .MRR files have their own requirements for setup and use, so please checkout the documentation for each sample project.

    I think what you are asking with "..but unsure how it [VB.Net] would load the calls to C++" is how you would call the methods from MostOfDavesClases?  If you build the DLL for that class, then you would invoke those methods as you would for any other (third party) DLL class library.  If you include the source in your Visual Studio solution, you would build it first, then your project.

    As for "is that all there is to the setup?", well that depends upon the specifics of your needs and tools.

    As for "it looks like I just need the dll included with ProjectWise Explorer", well again, it depends upon your needs.  The easiest way to get the ProjectWise DLLs that the SDK uses, is to install the ProjectWise Explorer client, but technically, you could use the Windows Installer Merge Modules included with the SDK installer, but I've never bothered to use that approach, but you may choose to do so.

    What else do you need clarification upon?

    It's always "best" to be as specific as you can with postings as that helps define the problem as well as encouraging folks to answer the post since less information requires a "back and forth" that many folks rather not start. i.e.,make it easy as you can for someone to answer specific questions, rather than generic ones.  Best to start with software and tool versions as well as what exactly you did, what you expected to happen, and what did (apparently) happen.  Posting code snippets is encouraged as that can improve communications by quite a bit!

    Hopefully by now (29 days later), you have found a way forward.

    Good luck!

    Dan Williams
    Solution Consultant
    Bentley Systems, Incorporated
    Portland, OR, USA (Pacific Time UTC-08:00)