ProjectWise SDK - Bentley IMS Login

I need to use the ProjectWise SDK (not the pwps_dab module) to login using Bentley IMS authentication. The documentation indicates 'aaApi_LoginWithSecurityToken' is the function but I'm not sure how to acquire the 'security token'. Does anyone have a working example they can share? 

  • Hi Dan,

    While you are on the topic, are you able to advise similarly what PW API functions and example to achieve the IMS login in MS VBA?

    i have using the aaapi_login() and various PW API functions in VBA to connect to our locally deployed PW for some time using SSO.  But we are moving the PW to the cloud with federated login.  I just got a cloud datasource setup and trying to use the codes for locally deployed PW I have developed to test them with the cloud hosted PW by using aaapi_login3() instead, it can connect with manually entered PW logical account credentials but it doesn't work using IMS user credentials automatically (CONNECTION Client) which is main requirement, I also have trouble working out how to acquire and pass IMS user's GUID in the parameter.

    i came across this post that the aaapi_loginwithsecuritytoken() API may be used, similarly I have trouble trying to work out how to acquire and pass the parameters required e.g. SAML Security token XML format in VBA.

    Would you please advise if there are any VBA examples for PW cloud IMS login.  The PW wiki examples only show the old local deployed PW login methods.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi DanG,

    Please take a moment to look at our Customizing and Programming ProjectWise wiki article that discusses ProjectWise's supported customization options and APIs available today, along with an open Enhancement you can contact the ProjectWise support team if desired and finally some additional (unsupported) VBA/COM and .NET resources. Hopefully this one post provides you with enough information to get started and find a helpful path of existing options forward to meet your needs.


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