Using aaApi_CreateProject for a folder with a wildcard character

Using a custom-created tool that migrates another document management system into ProjectWise.  A call to aaApi_CreateProject will create a folder that contains a "%" character.  But it would seem that if try to then create another folder that is similar enough to the existing one where a search using the "%" as a wildcard would return both of them, aaApi_CreateProject fails with a AAERR_DMS_ERR_PRO_NAME_NOT_UNIQUE (58065) error.

For example, aaApi_CreateProject will successfully create folder "90% Package" but will then fail if you use it to create "90% ABC Package" because a search using "90% Package" would return both.

Changing the second folder name where the wildcard would no longer return both (e.g. "90% ABC Package (1)") works.  However, if the first folder was just "90%", then no appendage is gong to fix it.  You'd have to either replace the wildcard character in the folder name or change the folder name in front of the wildcard character.

I've tried looking in the SDK documentation to see if there is a way to turn off the wildcard character for the session, but have not found anything.  That seems like the ideal solution if I can find it.