C# Add-Ins for MicroStation

just posted some sample MicroStation Add-Ins to my Github site: https://github.com/DaveBrumbaugh/MostOfDavesClasses-CSharp-Wrappers-For-ProjectWise/tree/master/Samples/MSCE-AddIns

You'll need MostOfDavesClasses.cs from the root of the site to build them. The samples are: SetPWVarsCE (adds your ProjectWise document general properties and custom attributes as configuration variables in your current session), PolyhedraCE (an update of my old Polyhedra example for CE with no real ProjectWise interaction), and QRCodeAddInForMSCE which creates a QR Code cell which you can place in your drawing. Pass the URL you want to encode on the command line. It's a pretty good Primitive placement example I think.If you leave out the URL, the command attempts to look up your ProjectWise Web View Server address and build the code that way.