Fetch documents present in Projectwise in c# code

Hello All,

I have to build a connector in c# to fetch all the documents present in ProjectWise in my c# code .

Please can anyone help with it urgently 

  • Niharika,

    "Words get in the way" again. "Fetch" in the ProjectWise SDK has the connotation of "getting" the document (and file) from the storage area to somewhere else, i.e. Check-Out, Copy-Out, Export, etc.

    Assuming that you want to get a "list" of all the documents in a datasource, might want to look into using aaApi_SelectDocuments2() as the documentation seems to indicate that if you pass a 0 as the first parameter, it will search each "project", which in this context I interpret as each folder in the datasource.

    I created a quick test program with C++, and this returned the correct count:

    You also need to understand that "all documents" includes all versions, as well as flat sets, so you will need to deal with that as well.

    To do this in C#, you will have to deal with managed and unmanaged code as I don't see this specific ProjectWise API function exposed in MostOfDavesClasses.

    An alternate approach would be to use aaApi_SelectTopLevelProjects(), and then iterate through each top level project, select all the documents in that folder and below with a call to aaApi_SelectDocumentsByProjectId().

    Another way might be to create a saved search to select just the documents that you want to count, and then use that saved search to select them.  If you take a look at MostOfDavesClasses, you will see PWSearch.SearchForDocumentsByQueryName(), which will return a DataTable with the documents returned by the saved search.

    You can find MostOfDavesClasses here:  https://github.com/DaveBrumbaugh/MostOfDavesClasses-CSharp-Wrappers-For-ProjectWise 

    And you can find a sample project on how to create saved search using C# here: https://communities.bentley.com/products/programming/projectwise_programming/f/projectwise-programming---forum/191316/sample-in-c-for-creating-saved-searches

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