VBA code to save emails from Outlook to ProjectWise

I would like to use VBA code to streamline the process of saving emails from Outlook to ProjectWise. I have already developed a VBA solution for saving emails from Outlook to network locations using a specific file naming convention.

I already have the Bentley ProjectWise add-in for Outlook, which adds buttons to the ribbon that allow the user to "Export Attachments" and "Export to ProjectWise" for the selected message.

Selecting "Export to ProjectWise" initiates the ProjectWise sign-in process and then gives the user a "Save Document As" dialog box, prompting the user to provide a location and document attributes.

Is there a way to call this add-in and pass ProjectWise folder location and document attributes to it using VBA? If not, how could I perform a similar action using VBA code?

Any help is greatly appreciated... pseudo-code, real code, or high-level discussion.