How to get additional data information from dms_audt and dms_secondary_audt table ?


I am trying to get the audit data from dsm_audt and secondary_audt table.

However it is missing the additional data column information.

How can I retiview this information?

I tried using these 2 ways

1. If I use aaApi_SelectAuditTrailRecords , this method is returning null buffer for the document guid supplied.
And also it does not have option to get information from secondary table.

AADMSAUDTOBJECT objectToSelect = { 0L };
objectToSelect.lObjectType = AADMSAT_TYPE_DOCUMENT;
objectToSelect.idGUID = guids;

AADMSAUDTCRITERIA criteria = { 0L };
criteria.lObjectType = 0L;
criteria.lObjectCount = 1L;
criteria.lpObjects = &objectToSelect;
criteria.bRecursive = TRUE;
criteria.bIncludeChildObjects = TRUE;
criteria.lActionCount = 0L;
criteria.lplActions = NULL;
criteria.ulDateTimeType = AADMSAT_DATE_ANYTIME;
criteria.lpctstrStartDate = NULL;
criteria.lpctstrEndDate = NULL;
criteria.lUserCount = 0L;
criteria.lplUsers = 0L;

//AfxMessageBox(L"Came Here");
HAADMSBUFFER results = aaApi_SelectAuditTrailRecords(&criteria);

2. If I try to use the powershell Export-PWAuditTrailToSQLite , it just dump the table ,
here to additional data info is missing, however it has option to skip secondary table.

I am basically designing the audit panel same as projectwise for document selected, but will have information from both the audit and secondary_audt table.

Please let me know if anyone has done something similar.