How to export file and folders to a local drive without the full source path?

I'm trying to build a script to export files to a local drive.  I've been able to use the Export-PWDocuments and I get the files and folders.  However, I don't want the whole parent path.  I only want from a certain child level where I'm searching for files and the associated subfolders.  Is there a way to perform this?  Below is a sample of what I would like

$PWServer = ""
$PWDataSource = "Testing"

$OutputPath = "C:\Destination\XYZ"
$SourcePath = "\Organization\Unit\XYZ"

New-PWLogin -DatasourceName $PWServer$PWDataSource -BentleyIMS

$outDocs = Get-PWDocumentsBySearch -FolderIPath $SourcePath 
Write-Host "Starting the export process" -f Yellow

Export-PWDocuments -InputDocuments $outDocs -OutputFolder $OutputPath


The results are that I get in the $OutputPath C:\Destination\xyz\Organization\Unit\xyz

What I would like to have when done is C:\Destination\XYZ