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Quick question top of my head

Can a new tab be create under the document list to display all comments associate to a document?

Using PWs or the API/SDK?

If so any one interested to develop?

  • A developer can add additional tabs to the document or project property dialogs in ProjectWise Explorer using the PW SDK.  Take a look at these samples provided with the PW SDK:

    I'm not sure what is possible with the Web based clients.

    As for "interested to develop" these?  Defining the problem is always (or at least should be!) the first step!

    If you mean comments that are saved to the audit trail, then you probably could use the PWPS_DAB module to generate a "report" of some sort, but tying that to a "tab" in a ProjectWise Explorer dialog would most likely be a poor choice compare to using the APIs provided with the SDK.

    And depending upon the size of your audit table, performance might become an "issue".

    If you are interested in Bentley doing this for you, please contact your AM or Success Manager.