How do I load ProjectWise aaAPI for VBA programming?

I need to write VBA code for ProjectWise. I have the SDK, but don't know how to load the aaAPI. Am I looking for a specific DLL? Do I use regsrv32.exe? Once loaded, do I have to use the info in the article "Using the ProjectWise API in VBA"? How does info in the article "A Microstation VBA Example with Bentley ProjectWise" play into this?
  • In the article you should notice that the function declarations for all  of the PW api include the dll that they are defined in.  Make sure that these dll's are in your execution path.  You don't use regsrv32 as this is not a COM api.  You will be calling C functions from your VBA app.  For more information  on this structure look on the NET for Win32 api calls from VBA.  If you have the complete source then try loading and running it.  You will need to correct the login and project information but it should work for you.  You can contact me (I wrote the Using article) after you have loaded and run the example app.


    Mark Anderson [Bentley]