Projectwise API by using PWIntBaseLib

I am trying to create a command in AutoCAD to attach the xref from projectwise.

By using .NET I set the reference to PWIntBaseLib.

 In PWIntBaseLib there is a function called ReferenceAttach.

What these parameters are ?

RefAppID and IType

How to find RefAppID and IType for this function ?

Is RefAppID is the handle to AutoCAD application ?

  • At this time the ProjectWise client installs a few internal use only libraries that undergo frequent changes and are modified to meet the internal needs of our custom integrations.  It is because of the frequency of changes that at this time we cannot properly support the use of the libraries not fully documented in the preferred public ProjectWise SDK (C/C++).

    I do know that the MicroStation integration handles certain native product keyins that could be scripted to attach managed rasters and refrerences. For an example set of MicroStation to attach managed raster and reference files see the Be Community post:
    Attach a reference file programmetrickly (pardon my language :-)) using Object GUID or similar

    I do not know for certain if the documented AutoCAD integration support the same.  However there are a number of documented "attach" commands that very well may perform the exact task you need to perform.  For a list of supported AutoCAD integration commmands see the Be Community post:
    "AutoCAD Commands Integrated with ProjectWise [TN]"