• Deliverables Management Training on the LEARN Server

    Did you know there was content available on the LEARN Server to help guide you through starting up with PWDM?  Short, simple videos will walk you through each step of the way.

    To find out more about the LEARN server and training in general, take a look here

    Then to find the PWDM specific learning path do the following:

    1. Learn.Bentley.com

    2. Click on "Find Training"

    3. Scroll down to "ProjectWise" and select…

    • Thu, Jan 26 2017
  • PWDM Tips: ProjectWise Deliverables Management Settings

    Did you know when configuring ProjectWise Deliverables Management settings, you can copy everything you have already done on a previous project, no need to start over each time.  Not only that, once you invite external participants, your settings will automatically prepopulate into their project.  (Classifications, Attributes and Purposes)

    So when you are starting a new project with Deliverables Management, try the following…

    • Thu, Dec 15 2016
  • Did you know you can run Bentley Transmittal Services and ProjectWise Deliverables Management on the same project?

    As you may already know, ProjectWise Deliverables Management was released last year as one of the new Bentley Connection services, enabling the features of Transmittals, Submittals and RFI management all integrated with your ProjectWise Design Integration Datasource.

    Many of you have successfully used, or still using, the Bentley Transmittal Services product (known to many as BTS v1.0) but are looking to extend the functionality…

    • Mon, Feb 29 2016
  • ProjectWise Deliverables Management

    What is ProjectWise Deliverables Management?

    ProjectWise Deliverables Management is an easy-to-use, secure cloud-based service, which will help users meet their contractual obligations. As you may already know, the previous release of this product was called Bentley Transmittal Services V1.0. It was mainly focused on the Transmittal management process. In this upcoming release of this CONNECTED Service, we are planning…

    • Thu, Sep 17 2015