• create multi-page PDF from sheet\design models in a single file with doc set

    With the latest ProjectWise Design Integration Server v10.00.03.299, you can create a multi-page PDF from sheet\design models in a single file with doc set. In the past, you will have to create an InterPlot Set file (.ips) with InterPlot Organizer. Not any more, here's how.

    a. In ProjectWise Administrator, 'Renditions - Rendition Profile Components - Output Formats - PDF', tick ON the option 'create one multi-page…

    • Fri, Mar 19 2021
  • New virtual classes for ProjectWise begin Sept. 24 - US and Australia time zones!

    Classes teach foundational ProjectWise functionality, content creation and review, and Web server access.

    Creating Content in ProjectWise Explorer
    Sep. 24, 2015 United States
    Carlos Nobuo Komine

    Integrating MicroStation with ProjectWise
    Sep. 24, 2015 United States
    Carlos Nobuo Komine

    Reviewing Documents Using ProjectWise on the Web
    Sep. 24, 2015 United States
    Carlos Nobuo Komine

    ProjectWise Web Server Basics

    • Wed, Sep 9 2015
  • 2015 LEARNing Conference for ProjectWise Administrators

    This year's LEARNing Conference for ProjectWise Administrators features best practices, tips & tricks, and hands-on workshops for ProjectWise Content Management, Design Integration, and Connection Services. Topics covered include:

      • ProjectWise for the GEOPAK and InRoads Use
      • Backup and Failover Best Practices
      • Workflow Automation Workshop

    New this year are the "Ask the Expert LEARNing Zone" and "User Showcase…

    • Tue, Feb 10 2015
  • Featured LEARNing: Bentley's Virtual Classroom, February 2-6, 2015

    The following virtual classroom courses to support ProjectWise Content Publishing are scheduled between February 2-6, 2015. Visit Bentley's LEARNing events listing for course details and registration or to see more of what's upcoming in the weeks ahead.

    Live training in a virtual classroom setting complements on-demand video course lectures.  You'll work with practical, hands-on exercises and real-world datasets…

    • Mon, Jan 26 2015
  • ProjectWise: Year in Infrastructure 2014 Recap

    That’s a wrap! Even though Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2014 Conference in London has come to an end, you can still check out all the detailed information about the event in our Virtual Press Kit. Everything you might be interested in is right at your fingertips, including press releases, featured speakers, advancement insights, photos and more.

    Looking for the most important things that happened related…

    • Thu, Nov 13 2014
  • What is new in ProjectWise Dynamic Plot V8i (SELECTseries 4)

    PDF Portfolio Printing

    ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer can print PDF files that are included in a PDF Portfolio. Dynamic plots created from printing these PDF files to a ProjectWise Dynamic Plot system can be marked up with a digital pen.

    Support for writing markup files in ProjectWise Projects

    If you specify $project as part of the file naming pattern on the ProjectWise Dynamic Plot Administration page, the system…

    • Tue, Oct 9 2012
  • How To Print 1331 Color Samples

    Note: MicroStation SS3 is required if printing the color samples with native MicroStation printing. Previous MicroStation versions do not support InterPlot Design script.

    The 1331cols.dgn and the 1331cols.pen files can be used to generate a plot that contains 1331 different color samples.  After reviewing the output, you can manipulate the RGB (Red, Blue, Green) values associated with the desired color samples and incorporate…

    • Wed, Aug 8 2012
  • Need to install Publisher VPR on your client for Standalone Publisher ?

        Bentley Publisher does not need a ProjectWise Web Server to allow clients to Publish from their workstation. However, you need to be an Administrator on your workstation in order to install the needed vprctl.dll in order to publish successfully.       To install the VPR Control on a workstation:

     Copy the contents of the VPR folder from the   ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Bentley Shared\Vpr’    from the Plot or Publishing…

    • Thu, May 3 2012
  • How can I improve the fidelity of the markups in MicroStation that I created with Dynamic Plot?

    We have added support for markups heads up viewing in the priority build of MicroStation SS2 and in MicroStation SS3.  This is in addition to the preview.  The heads up display is preferable since you can pan and zoom the design file and see the markups in place and not have to adjust the preview.  Note that the preview is just a big thumbnail.

    To access the heads up display you need to have markups in a 2D file and do…

    • Mon, Feb 6 2012
  • Make your entire drawing print in InterPlot Organizer PDF files

    By default, PDF's produced using InterPlot Organizer are created with the view parameters last saved for View 1.  If you want them to "fit" in the output PDF file that is generated using the entire drawing regardless how they are saved in MicroStation, use a settings file to define the plot area. 

    Create an IPLOT settings file using the option to Describe Fit Elements to define the Plot Area and specify the…

    • Tue, Dec 13 2011
  • Possible causes of the Archive button being grayed out when archiving from ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer

    The user is attempting to submit a plot set to be archived but notices that the Archive option is grayed out.  What can cause this and what steps can be taken to correct this issue?

    Consider the following possible causes:

    1) The archive(s) may be frozen:

    Open Archive Explorer and look to see if the archives listed have a cubed box surrounding the letter “A” (representing “Archive”).   If so, this…

    • Tue, Dec 13 2011
  • Plotting from Windows 7 to Windows Server 2003/2008

    If there is an issue with plotting from a Windows 7 client machine through a Windows Server 2008 machine with IPLOT, MicroStation plotting or Windows printing, the job will enter the print queue, spool for 1-2 seconds and disappear but the print never comes out.

    The following statement is in the Readme file for ProjectWise InterPlot Server in the Windows Server 2008 section:

    It may be necessary to unset the "Render print…

    • Mon, Dec 12 2011
  • Disabling/Enabling saving of iparms and metafiles when plotting from the IPLOT dialog

    If one of the following variables is set to "true", its corresponding file is kept, allowing you to use it with the command line interface.  If it is set to "false", the file is deleted.  Note:  A metafile is of little use without its corresponding IPARM file, so if you set IPLOT_DLOG_SAVE_IPARM to "false", the dialog interface always interprets IPLOT_DLOG_SAVE_METAFILE as "false".…

    • Wed, Dec 7 2011
  • ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer 1.0 Type Library Help

    Does anyone know if documentation exists or where to find it regarding the "ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer 1.0 Type Library"?

    Also does anyone have some code that will create a new .ips file and add a microstation drawing to it?

    Thanks in advance,

    Christmas May

    • Fri, Jun 3 2011
  • Printing half scale plots using IPLOT

    When using IPLOT with “Use Full Paper Size” enabled, plotting a half scaled drawing at the exact paper size can result in the data being shifted on the paper causing the data to be pushed off the paper on the right and top sides when using the Bentley HP Generic PCL/5 printer driver.  Typically users will plot an 11x17 scale to 11x17 paper to obtain an exact half scale plot, expecting the outer edges of the…

    • Wed, Apr 27 2011
  • Publisher ID and IIS

    I had an interesting situation recently with a customer installing ProjectWise Publishing on their Web Server in a non-SharePoint environment.  ProjectWise Publishing, on versions prior to the V8i SELECTseries 1 release, will automatically attach itself to the default.aspx virtual site.  Every virtual web site created in IIS will have its own Site ID number.  Most times this is not a problem because most ProjectWise Web…

    • Tue, Apr 5 2011
  • VPR Background Color's Black, Red, Blue and More...

    By default Publishing Server  displays a white background on the client VPR component. 

    You can however follow these simple steps to change the back ground color. Most common HTML color codes are listed below,

    other colors can be found: http://www.htmlcolorcodes.org/


    1. Navigate to Start --> All Programs --> Bentley --> ProjectWise Publishing Server V8i

    2. Click on the ProjectWise Publishing Server V8i Administration…

    • Tue, Mar 1 2011
  • Publisher is showing blurry drawings via WebParts?


    Are you seeing your line weight and fonts distorted when viewing a drawing through Publisher (client VPR)?

    The reason this happens is due to how Publisher renders drawing files on the publishing server. It converts it into a Vector image (DPR (Digital Print Rendition) and when the file is zoomed in it starts getting  distorted. Think of a .jpeg image when you zoom so far you start to see the pixels (same concept)



    • Mon, Feb 28 2011
  • SS3 Webparts and SS2 Publishing Server will they work together?

    Answer is YES!


    With WebParts SS3 being released around the corner and many are using Publisher Server. Publisher Server SS2 is fully compatible with SS3 WebParts.


    • Mon, Feb 28 2011
  • Creating Portable Plan Sets from a machine other than the Archive machine

    You need access to three files on the server, they are: CreatePPS.exe, creatersc.dll and pps.bin

    These files are located in C:\Program Files\ProjectWise InterPlot Server\bin directory.  You can also copy these same files locally.


    Run CreatePPS.exe


    Type in the URL for your digital archive (http://mystry/dprweb), and then click OK.  The ProjectWise InterPlot Server web page displays in the right (view) pane.


    • Fri, Jan 21 2011
  • Redirected Printers

    Printers show up as "Redirected", what does this mean?  When opening the ProjectWise InterPlot Error Logging utility, a message is recevied that Error logging cannot be set for redirected printers.

    Terminal Services provides printer redirection, which routes printing jobs from a server to a printer that is attached to a client computer or to a shared printer that is available to the client computer. When a…

    • Tue, Dec 7 2010
  • New Feature in Projectwise Publisher

    ProjectWise Publisher uses a delivered version of ustation.exe to publish dgn’s and dwg’s.  With the release of V8i SS1, it is possible to change the publishing engine to a newer version of Microstation.  All you need to do is install the newer version of Microstation on the publishing server, then launch the ProjectWise Publisher Administrator, click on the General Settings Tab, change the path to point to the…

    • Tue, Nov 30 2010
  • Printing Dynamic Views

    Many times when printing Dynamic Views in MicroStation, the desired results may not be what is expected. 

    Whether printing from MicroStation or using InterPlot, the render mode defined in the display style determines whether Rasterized mode is required to achieve the desired results. 

    MicroStation can print regular hidden line in non-rasterized mode, which is a new feature in V8i, but filled hidden lines will not print…

    • Mon, Oct 11 2010
  • ProjectWise InterPlot V8i (SELECTseries 2) Products Now Available

    ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer, ProjectWise InterPlot Professional as well as ProjectWise InterPlot Driver Pack and ProjectWise InterPlot Mid-Volume Driver Pack V8i (SELECTseries 2), are now commercially available on the Software Download page in the CONNECTION Center.


    ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer and Professional  V8i (SELECTseries 2), includes APLOT support for AutoCAD 2010 and takes advantage of the Autodesk ®…

    • Wed, Oct 6 2010
  • ProjectWise InterPlot SELECTseries 2 Products update

    The following ProjectWise InterPlot V8i (SELECTseries 2) products are now available for you to download:

    • ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer
    • ProjectWise InterPlot Professional
    • ProjectWise InterPlot Driver Pack
    • ProjectWise InterPlot Mid-Volume Driver Pack

    ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer and Professional V8i (SELECTseries 2) now include APLOT dialog support in AutoCAD 2010. In order to plot AutoCAD 2010 DWG files, you must…

    • Tue, Aug 31 2010