How can I improve the fidelity of the markups in MicroStation that I created with Dynamic Plot?

We have added support for markups heads up viewing in the priority build of MicroStation SS2 and in MicroStation SS3.  This is in addition to the preview.  The heads up display is preferable since you can pan and zoom the design file and see the markups in place and not have to adjust the preview.  Note that the preview is just a big thumbnail.

To access the heads up display you need to have markups in a 2D file and do the following in MicroStation:

Open design file, go to Tools->Redline->Markup->Markups Dialog.  Markups dialog box opens.  Select your markup, now click on the fourth icon from right to left (Display Selected Markups).  The markups should now display in your design file, they should be readable and you can zoom into them.

To obtain the priority build for MicroStation SS2 please call the Bentley Select line, choose option 2.