Printing half scale plots using IPLOT

When using IPLOT with “Use Full Paper Size” enabled, plotting a half scaled drawing at the exact paper size can result in the data being shifted on the paper causing the data to be pushed off the paper on the right and top sides when using the Bentley HP Generic PCL/5 printer driver.  Typically users will plot an 11x17 scale to 11x17 paper to obtain an exact half scale plot, expecting the outer edges of the border to be missing as this part of the plot falls in to the non-printable area of the paper.


The recent release of the ProjectWise InterPlot Driver Pack ( provides an update to the Bentley HP Generic PCL/5 driver that is useful to correct this behavior.



New margin fields are provided in the Device Settings in the Properties of the Bentley HP Generic PCL/5 driver.  Set the Left and Bottom margins to match the non-printable margins of the physical printer.  For example, 6mm works great for the HP 5200. 


In the IPLOT dialog, make sure the Paper Size is NONE.  For a half scale plot, set the x and y size to 11 and 17 respectively.  You will notice the limits in the IPLOT dialog are larger than 11x17 as the limits now include the new margins defined in the Device Settings. 


These settings should shift the data as expected in the correct direction to give you a half scale plot centered on the paper.