Publisher ID and IIS

I had an interesting situation recently with a customer installing ProjectWise Publishing on their Web Server in a non-SharePoint environment.  ProjectWise Publishing, on versions prior to the V8i SELECTseries 1 release, will automatically attach itself to the default.aspx virtual site.  Every virtual web site created in IIS will have its own Site ID number.  Most times this is not a problem because most ProjectWise Web Servers do not have the default.aspx site preconfigured.  However, in this case there was an existing virtual web site defined.  When we created another virtual site for ProjectWise, it had a higher “Site ID” number.  Since installing PW Publishing does not allow you to select a Web Server, Publisher attached itself to the existing virtual server, or the one with the lowest Site ID.


In this situation, you must “move” the existing virtual site to a higher site ID number and, preferably, move the ProjectWise virtual site to a Site ID of 1.  This process is completed through IIS and it is strongly recommended that you consult your IT department before attempting to redefine a virtual Site ID.  When installation later versions of ProjectWise Publisher (SS1 or higher), if more than one virtual site is detected in IIS, you will be prompted to select the specific virtual site you are attaching PW Publishing to.