• MS word file is not visible in Photo preview

    This issue occurs as the MS word doc type is not selected in the PWviewer.cfg file in the Programfilesx86>bentley>projectwise>bin

    This feature comes default with the projectwise and in order to enable it please follow below PW help link -

    Preview Pane > Photo Preview Tab (bentley.com)

  • Introduction to SES for ProjectWise Design Integration

    What is SES?
    • SES stands for Subscription Entitlement Service. It is the latest Bentley licensing system, replacing the legacy SELECT Server service. The Subscription Entitlement Service is Bentley's new process for product activation. The entitlement service replaces site activation keys with user validation, enhancing security around your Bentley licenses and subscriptions.
    • With activation key-based licensing, a…
  • New PowerShell cmdlets now available in PWPS 3.3:

    New PowerShell cmdlets available in PWPS 3.3: Get-PWDocumentEAttributes Example: Get-PWDocumentEAttributes -DocumentID 1 -ProjectID 69 Get-PWFileEAttributes Example: Get-PWFileEAttributes -DocumentID 1 -ProjectID 69 Get-PWLocalFileEAttributes Example: Get-PWLocalFileEAttributes -Path C:\Users\PWDIVM\dms00069\A.docx -Mime application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document Set-PWDocumentEAttributes E…
  • ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.2 Resolved Defects and Enhancement requests list

    PWDI Core

    TFS Type Title Reported In Defect Group membership change according to IMS claims is not covered by audit trail Defect [PW Admin] "Insufficient privilege" error when user is copied. Defect WRE does not complete rollback when two transactions are done at the same time on document Defect [Installer] Unattended Install not working for ADDLOCAL Defec…
  • The ProjectWise Espresso Shot (13 November 2017)

    www.youtube.com/watch Learn more:  Revit Users Can Quickly and Easily Stay in Sync with the Project 

    This episode reviews the new ProjectWise Advanced Revit Integration that helps Revit users quickly and easily stay in sync with the entire project.


    Productivity is impaired when Revit users are not integrated tightly with your ProjectWise…

  • The ProjectWise Espresso Shot (25 October 2017)

    www.youtube.com/watch Learn more: Projects Get Renamed and License Management Improves

    In this episode, we share highlights of the ProjectWise Design Integration Update 2.3 release.

    Highlight #1: Projects Get Renamed

    We’ve renamed…

  • What is a ProjectWise Work Area and why should I use them

    A work area is a special type of folder in ProjectWise Explorer that provides a single place to manage and organize documents, data, and resources related to a given real-world project. A work area contains content specific to a project such as: saved searches, documents, sub-folders, other work areas, components, links to other sources of data, and so on.  It is distinguished from a regular folder because it give the administrator…

  • Cannot open files in ProjectWise Error 55038 File access security check failed.

    Cause of the Issue: The encryption keys of the PWDI servers defined in the cluster environment does not match. The encryption key can be found by right-clicking on the datasource node on PW Administrator inside the PWDI server nodes, under Encryption tab.

    If the servers are not in synch and the encryption keys do not match, you will get this error intermittently.

    Correct process of getting a ProjectWise load balancing…

  • Global Program Association Guide for Class Names

         Below you will see Class names for some AutoDesk Application types. These names can be used to create Global Program Associations for a Datasource in the ProjectWise Admin module.

       However, please note: The separate MEP, Architecture and Structure are available for only Revit 2016. For Revit 2017 these verticals are ‘merged’  into the Revit 2017, and so they have no separate class names.

         The class names…

  • How to deploy CONNECT client edition package for silent install

    Once you download the latest CONNECT edition ProjectWise client setups, it comes as a single large executable file.

    Please launch this downloaded executable trough command prompt by adding /layout.

    For example "ProjectWise_client_package.exe /layout" , this will give you an option to select extraction directory.

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D Advanced Integration Best Practices

    Did you know that you can find best practices information for working with AutoCAD Civil 3D Advanced Integration in the ProjectWise help? To find this information, open the local or online ProjectWise Explorer help and go to: Working in Integration Applic...
  • Upgrading to ProjectWise CE update 2

    If you are planning on upgrading to ProjectWise 10.00.02.xx, please be aware that this requires a dms convert to any pre existing ProjectWise datasource.  This means that it is not possible to use a PW Admin Update 2 to connect to a pre Update 2 datasource.  If you do attempt to connect, PW Admin will prompt you to upgrade tables on any pre update 2 datasource.  This is not recommended unless you plan on upgrading that datasource…

  • Workflow Rules Engine - Licensing Configuration best practice.

    As a best practice when you are using the workflow rules engine in a datasource, and you are working with sub-contractors or external parties who are using their own licenses to access your datasource, it is recommended to set the user settings for the workflow rules engine super user and rollback user to use the locally configured SELECTserver. 

    To do this, log into PW admin module as the PW admin and go to the user’s…

  • Why Common Data Environment Is Not So Common!

    Why Common Data Environment Is Not So Common!

    Have you ever imagined how to take advantage of working within a common data environment with your team across the globe?

    The Common Data Environment (CDE) provides a set of guidelines for organizing data. This aimed at overcoming issues regarding the accuracy and completeness of construction design information.

    It’s essential to have a grasp of how you can leverage cloud…

  • Domain Name Change and ProjectWise FQDN Best Practice

    Warning* Consult with your IT /Network team before making any changes.

    For the last few years now I’ve been pushing best practice of using Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) in configuration files and not using IP addresses. There is a reason for that and the reason is to make such situations easier. If your IT team requires a change in FQDN names, as long as you do not change the IP address and do not change the server…

  • Methods for Mass Updating files in ProjectWise (Fixing Civil DWG's)

    This article is a follow-up to the  Important Information for Civil 3d Users article on the Bentley Communities  Project Delivery: Content Management Forum. It is written to address the need to process a large number of DWG files at a time, due to an issue with an AutoCAD Civil 3d. But it could be used to script process any kind of file.

    Summary of the Civil 3d Issue
    • Civil 3d users are encountering slowness opening fi…
  • Hard Disk space forecasting for ProjectWise

    As always this is a blog posting so if more information is needed please chime below in the comments and I will update this blog. 

    It is always difficult to forecast space allocation. so my best advice is as follows.

    • Always monitor the free space on your drive if it's getting low allocate more (in a VM) or time to add a second larger drive.
      • Monitoring tools can be used to setup a threshold of minimal space and it…
  • Want to add text or links to ProjectWise WebServer Login page?

    I have had this question come up few times. It is a very simple add to the webpage for ProjectWise WebServer. I have had users who have added simple text and have made fancy logos as well.In this blog it will cover the file to modify and also to add text or a link.


    • As always please back up the original login.aspx located; c:\inetpub\pwweb (the folder can be different depending on where you deploy your site)
    • Next open…
  • ProjectWise Project Sharing Service

    The ProjectWise Project Sharing service was introduced with the launch of the Bentley CONNECT Edition.  The service facilitates the sharing and receiving of project content among multiple organizations for the purpose of design coordination.This Bentley CONNECT Cloud service provides the ability to sync files into or out of ProjectWise datasources to or from a Windows folders directory.  The synchronization service support…

  • ProjectWise WebServer for and 10.00.00.xx & 10.00.01.xx

    ***Please note cannot be on the same server as ANY 10.00.xx.xx version server software. It has to be installed on a separate server. 
    With the release of ProjectWise CONNECT Edition and also with the current version of ProjectWise - 600+  there is no ProjectWise WebServer installation set included in the server installation. It can be downloaded from the fulfillment center here or on…
  • Is my load balancer working correctly with my ProjectWise integration servers?

    With the world of ProjectWise ever expanding we are seeing more and more users load balancing their ProjectWise integration servers.  In fact if you are anything more than a small ProjectWise user I will always recommend putting the integration servers in a load balanced cluster.  There are many benefits of a load balanced system ranging from ease of upgrade to increased up-time, in fact all of our hosted datasources are…

  • Disaster Recovery and ProjectWise

    When talking about disaster recovery and ProjectWise luckily there are only a couple of priority items that need to be taken into consideration, these are the storage area(s) and database.  The reason these are the most important pieces to a ProjectWise system in relation to disaster recovery is because with these two pieces a ProjectWise system can essentially be rebuilt anywhere in the world, in fact this is what support…

  • ProjectWise Design Integration CONNECT Edition Compatibility List

    The ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Compatibility List has been moved to docs.bentley.com.  You may also find this information in the corresponding readme files delivered in the individual product specific download. 


    The ProjectWise V8i Integration Compatibility list can be found here:  http://communities…

  • ERROR 32768 possible when moving files on Leap Day – February 29, 2016

    It is possible you may encounter ERROR 32768 if you try to move a document in ProjectWise that has a file update date of 2-29. 


    The most common case when this may occur:


    1. Create a document on Feb-29th
    2. Create a version for it the same day (the initial document can be created earlier, not exactly 29th)
    3. Copy out both documents
    4. Try to move a document between folders


    If this error occurs, the solution is…