• Are you upgrading to SS2?

    Have you seen the Matrix? No, not the movie.   To avoid any confusion of what version of ProjectWise Explorer is supported  with ProjectWise integration server SS2  see  ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 2) Version Compatibility  

    Did you know that if you are upgrading from SS1 (08.11.07.xx) there is no dns convert required! 

    **For all you other folks on version 08.11.05.xx series and below you still need to do a DMS convert of the…

  • Different value list for the document properties dialog and the search dialog

    I had a question on how one could limit value pick list for attribute in search dialog from the one in the document properties. I would like to share my solution and ideas.


    I have created an example of the environment with different value list for search dialog and document properties dialog for the same attribute. In this example, I let all users be the values on the list when you pick a search dialog, but limited…

  • Adding (by dragging) a document moves a folder.

    We have discovered the following issue in ProjectWise V8i SELECTseries 1.  This has been corrected and is available in the recently posted V8i SELECTseries 2 update, version, which is available on SELECTservices. 


    Here is the description on the problem:


    If you drag a file from the desktop it causes a folder to be moved to a new location rather than importing the file.  Restarting the Client is the only…

  • Searching for Component Documentation

    When browsing the component structure of your AutoPlant project, you can have all documentation for a component available in a matter of seconds.

    Your component contains a lot of tag data. Whether it is a normal MicroStation cell, or an AutoPlant component, this tag data is available in your Projectwise Explorer component tree.

    But how do you find other documents in your ProjectWise data source, that contain valuable…

  • ProjectWise in a Virtualized Environment

    Two Questions:

    1) is there anyone out there that has any words of wisdom or warning about using ProjectWise Virtualized environment?

    2) if so, do you experince greater latency, slow speeds of file transfers either internally or as a external web access user?

  • How to search several documents together in only query

    How to search several documents together in only query.

    For Example: *.doc and *.xls. I try to specified the extensions but the result is "No Document Found".

    I tried to do

    • "*.doc;*.xls" 
    • "*.doc,*.xls"
    • "*.doc *.xls" (Same the XP Search)
    • "*.doc ; xls"

    " No Document Found" Always.

    Somebody help me?

  • ProjectWise Web and Web View Servers SELECTseries1 release file download problem

    There was an a file download issue discovered in our ProjectWise Web and Web Viewer Server SELECTseries1 Refresh Update (and original SELECTseries1) release.


    Problem description and symptoms


    Files downloaded from ProjectWise Web Server (using Open, Open as Read-Only, Check Out, Copy Out, Export or Download operations) may be corrupted during file transfer. This usually happens when downloading large files or using…