• Using Context-dependent Pick Lists in Project Properties

    Functionality that was trivial for ProjectWise Environments can also be used in the Project Properties. However, the syntax is slightly different. Let me show you how it works, by means of a small example.

    To define your project, you want to select a site and an installation from a list. We have a small example view or table, which lists the sites and their installations. Most likely, this view or table will be maintained…

  • ProjectWise Properties WebPart Embedded in ASPX page.


    Back in 08.11.05.xx Projectwise  WebParts page had all ProjectWise WebParts embedded in the the default.aspx. In 08.11.07.xxx it is delivered as a popup, the code below will embed the ProjectWise Properties WebPart into the default,aspx.   




    |  $Copyright: (c) 2010 Bentley Systems, Incorporated. All rights reserved.…

  • Documents, Folders and Storage (Part 2)

    Here is a follow-up to an earlier article pertaining to documents, folders and storage areas. When a user deletes a document from a datasource and the delete process requires the document to be located in the expected dms folder defined by the folder ID and both the document record and file are both removed. Now what happens when, for some reason, the document no longer exists in the dms folder. In this case, the process…

  • Documents, Folders and Storage (Part 1)

    I thought I would write a couple of columns to clear up some misconceptions about documents, folders and storage areas. Most all administrators have no problem creating a storage area and creating a folder is very simple, give it a name and storage area and press OK. The following is a screenshot directly from the database showing the folder ID, name, description, node and path of the storage area.

    Now when a document…

  • McAfee Just Relased an Update... Is this affecting your AutoCAD iDesktop Integration with ProjectWise?

    McAfee just released an update within the last week that blocks the creation of .scr files, which in turn may "break" ACAD integration with ProjectWise.



    Bentley is aware of this, however, this is a McAfee related issue.

    ****FIX:   Have your IT deparment exclude acad.exe and pwc.exe from the scr blocking policy.




  • Use fully-qualified domain names for ProjectWise network configuration


    In our V8i Implementation Guide it states:


    'In the Host/IP fields on the DNS Services and Data source Listing tabs, although you can enter the host name of the server, it is recommended that you use the IP address. This will ensure a faster connection speed, since there is no name resolution involved; the IP address string is converted directly to an IP address.'


    Pre V8i, yes, this information was correct…