• Linking a ProjectWise path to an Attribute

    Hi all,

    I am wanting to link a files ProjectWise File path to an attribute, such as "pw:\\asiavpwin02.mwhglobal.com:AP_PROJECTS\Documents\Z23500+\Z2312501\01\General\Z2312501-01-001-G002"

    This way when a user looks at a hard copy they know where to go to find the drawing.

    Currently we do this outside of ProjectWise with an AutoCAD Field. Obviously with ProjectWise this is giving me the local working folder…

  • Have You Outgrown Your Environment? Four Steps to Free Your Data.

    ProjectWise now allows you to add new attributes and to delete old ones from an Environment; But what about the attribute that is now too small or the wrong data type? Are you stuck with the past?

    This blog is going to show you how to replace one field in your environment with another using the ProjectWise Administrator and Explorer GUI, ensuring that you won’t break your database by making changes directly in SQL or…

  • MicroStation for Orchestration Framework Error

    In some cases while installing MicroStation for Orchestration framework on a Windows 2003 server system an error “Error 1718 file was rejected by digital signature policy” occurs. This is caused by Windows Installer because it uses Software Restriction Policies to verify the signatures of signed .msi package files and if a .msi package file or a .msp package file is too large to fit into a contiguous piece…