• Server 2008, Roles, Features, IIS7 OH MY!!!

    Just because you hear IIS7 Server 2008 (r2), you do not have to be scared we are here to help with ProjectWise / IIS 7 related issue's ofcourse. Hate trying to pick all the right IIS components for PW web server? 

    All you will need is Power Shell installed on your server 2008.


    Run this command from power shell and have it all done for you!


    Server 2008 R2

    Import-Module ServerManager

    Add-WindowsFeature NET-Framework…

  • SQL Express 2008 Gotcha… !

    When installing ProjectWise  Orchestration Framework SS1/SS2 and using SQL Express 2008, you may not be able  connect to the database via the DBSetup from a secondary server. It appears that SQL Express 2008 default  setting is now set to the TCP being disabled.       Go to Start > All Programs > SQL Server Configuration Manager > Expand protocols for SQL Express > Right click > Properties > protocol Tab > Enable to Yes, …

  • Creating a custom Toolbar in ProjectWise Explorer

    1. Open ProjectWise Explorer
    2. Tools| customize
    3. In the Customize dialog box, select the Toolbars tab
    4. Click New
    5. In the Toolbar Name Dialog box – give it a name  (e.g. My Tools)
    6. Click ok
      1. An empty tool bar appears
    7. Select the Commands tab
    8. Select the All Commands category
    9. Scroll down the list of commands to New Version and click on it
    10. Drag it to the new tool bar and drop it – this will add the tool to the…
  • Hide A Datasource From Users

    Control the visibility of the datasource to specific clients and/or subnets

    Do you have multiple datasources being published by your Integration Server but you only want your users to see certain ones? Did you create a new datasource and it is not ready for users to be view yet?

    You can add "Allow" and "Deny" statements under each datasource configuration section in the dmskrnl.cfg file to control…