• How many servers do you need?

    You are getting ready to set up a Web Server that is also serving as a ProjectWise Gateway Server for your users.  How many servers do you need?


    One server is rated at 150 connections which applies to the Web Server software itself, but separately the Gateway Server can handle 300-400 connections.

  • ProjectWise SCI.: The case of the Missing File

    Introducing the first of a series of Blogs based on real life mysteries that were solved by ProjectWise Technical Support we call them SCI (Strange Computer Incidents). Read on and see if you can solve the mystery. This series is intended to be interactive and we hope informative.

    The Mystery


    A. Nonymous called in about a user that was opening one file but getting a different one in its place. This was true for every…

  • Are you running SQL 2008 on Windows 2008 R2?

    Have you checked everything?  All SQL data looks great and no obvious IO bottlenecks, just overall slow performance.  Before you spend days troubleshooting, see the link for details.  It may not be your application.  


  • Add an Image or two to your ProjectWise WebParts default.aspx page


    Many ask if a company logo (image) can be added to default.aspx. Here are the steps to add a company logo to the default.aspx site for your ProjectWise WebParts.

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->1.       <!--[endif]-->Navigate to C:\inetpub\wwwroot (default path) or to the path where you have installed the IIS site

    <!--[if !supportLists]-->2.       <!--[endif]-->Right click on default.master  and open in notep…

  • Moving your Storage?

    So, you decided to move a storage location to another server. To simplify things and save yourself  any potential headaches you've decided to keep the hostname and ip address the same.  Great! Besides, your only moving data from one location to another right?  However, things didn't work out the way you thought.  

    What could possibly be wrong?  The integration server does not see an address change, DNS is up to date and it…

  • Looking for information on full text searches?

    ProjectWise has a full text indexing feature that utilizes Microsoft technology to extract text from documents to allow ProjectWise users to search for documents based on file content.  More and more users are utilizing this feature and there is a lot of helpful information to common questions already available right here on BE communities:

    Here is a technote about how to configure full text searching…

  • What does Enumfolder.exe do?

    Enumfolders.exe is a new command line utility included with the V8i release of ProjectWise, and is a part of the ProjectWise Client install.  The application is used to provide a way to report on ProjectWise folders and files. The program is also able to re-curse through the folder structure which allows a complete report of the hierarchal folder structure.  This can be very useful for users who want to export the folder…

  • Viewing DWF files using Photo Preview…

    The recently added photo preview feature in ProjectWise Explorer was developed to more easily view image files in the preview pane of ProjectWise Explorer without having to open them in a specific application. In implementing this feature, Bentley added the technology that allows you to view a photo in Internet Explorer to ProjectWise Explorer. This means that ANY file that is viewable in IE can be viewed in ProjectWise…

  • Uninstalling and Installing ProjectWise when doing an Upgrade

    We have had quite a few users ask about what order ProjectWise should be uninstalled and then what order to do the installation.  The implementation guide explains what components to uninstall although I had a particular case where the user didn't have every module installed and I notified him how to do it. 

    The implementation guide also implies that the Distribution Server be installed on a seperate server but doesn…

  • Is the ProjectWise Index taking up all of your drive space?

    For systems that have been indexing ProjectWise data for some time this may be an issue you are running into.  If it is there is a way to move the index.  Please follow the steps below to move your index to a drive that has more space:


    1. Stop the Microsoft Indexing service

    2. Stop the ProjectWise Orchestration Framework service

    3. From Windows Explorer, create a folder for the new location of the index files (proxy…