• Driving Construction Industry Change Using BS1192

    Driving Construction Industry Change Using BS1192
    28th February 2011, ICE, 1 George Street, London



    Bentley Systems, the global leader dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, invite you to attend “Driving Construction Industry Change Using BS 1192”, a high level industry event at the Institute of Civil Engineers on 28th February, 2011.

    Bentley, and the…

  • Anti-Virus in way of Datasource Creation ?

         In Server 2008, we have seen where anti-virus software sometimes protects the dmskrnl.cfg from being written to.  On method around this is to exclude the Bentley\ProjectWise\ “bin” folder in the anti-virus settings.

        As a result of not being able to write to the dmskrnl.cfg, you may have difficulty creating a Datasource with the Datasource Creation Wizard. In this instance, you may create the Datasource …

  • Using Project Explorer check out a .dgn file and its accompanying Excel spreadsheet

    1. Ensure that MicroStation is integrated with ProjectWise


    1. Open your .dgn file and Excel file and mark some cells


    1. Copy and paste some Cells into the MicroStation drawing


    1. Search the help for “Using OLE Container”, which has detailed step by step instructions with screen captures on how to insert these cells.


    1. Click File  | save


    1. Click File | Project Explorer


    1. Click the magnifying…
  • Resolving an HRESULT Error when doing PDF Renditions

    A common error I have noticed several of our users coming across lately is a HRESULT Error when doing PDF Renditions, non-rendtions, or creating a DPR.  The error returns as Failed - Failed to create plot set: error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a component.

    I have noticed this occur when our users have not logged into ProjectWise Explorer using the Distribution account and created a working directory. 

  • PW Attributes arrangement

    Hi people,

    I have a PW attributes set as a pick list. I want PW to arrange this by alphabet because i will be increasing the size of the pick list.

    The way it is right now is that the items in the list are listed by the time the item was entered; which is by name on the general attribute.

    Is there a way i can have PW to pick them or arrange them by alphabetical order. by the way i have updated it in the list but still…

  • How to view thumbnails for an unknown file extention

    Have you ever had .dgn or .dwg files that were renamed with a non standard file extention type (e.g. a .dgn renamed to a .dfw) and wanted to be able to view thumbnails for those files in ProjectWise?  Here's how:


    1.            In Windows Explorer go to Tools>Folder Options>File Types

    2.            Select "new" to add a new file type association

    3.            In File extension enter the file extension name and select the Advanced …

  • How can you get a description for ProjectWise error code?

    To generate a description of an error code

    1)      From the ProjectWise Tools dialog (Start > Programs > Bentley > ProjectWise V8i > Tools > User Tools), select the Error Descriptions tool and click Execute.

    2)      Enter the error code generated in ProjectWise Administrator or Explorer and click Show.

    A brief description of the error displays in the Error Description field.

    3)      To copy the error description to…

  • Versioning Through Distribution Services

    A new feature with Distribution Services in ProjectWise SELECTSeries 1 is the option to create versions for those files sent to your target folder.  This option is available when adding a Distribution definition for your ‘Job’ and is accessed through the PW Distribution Services Administrator > Distribution Settings tab.  When defining your target folder, you now have a check box option to “Create new version…