• Displaying images in the ProjectWise Photo Preview

    Please note:  Photo Preview is not intended for displaying large image files, aerial photography, satellite imagery, or high-resolution scans. Trying to preview such files will result in poor performance or a blank view.

    To start, make sure the preview image is in a supported ProjectWise Photo Preview format. The default supported formats are: BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and PNG. The Photo Preview will display blank (an…

  • Creating a datasource with a template

    If you have created a ProjectWise datasource, then you are aware that ProjectWise can create the datasource from template.  This option “Create datasource from template” is available on the final screen of the New Datasource Wizard.  If selected, this option imports selected data into the new database, based on a previously exported template.  However, I am often asked what options are definable when through…

  • Integrating applications with ProjectWise using the Microsoft Installer Technology

    Please note:  Installation issues with ProjectWise using the Microsoft Installer Technology are handled by a company's IT department or Bentley Professional Services. This information is for reference-only.

    When using the Microsoft Installer Technology to integrate supported applications with ProjectWise, there are a couple small things to be aware of when creating the batch file so the integration doesn't fail…

  • ProjectWise Storage Areas on NetAPP SANs

    When it comes to creating files and folders, ProjectWise is bound by the file system the Storage Area is on. We have had reports from a few users with Storage Areas on NetAPP SANS that when they try to create a new folder it fails. In looking at the DMSKrnl.log there is an Error 13 which is a Windows error related to file system access.

    We have learned that NetAPP SANs have a hard limit of 100,000 folders in a folder…

  • How to Full Text Index Office 2007 Documents

    According to the help file:


    Supported File Types for Text Indexing

    ProjectWise can index text from many file types, depending on the iFilters packaged with the operating system and any additional iFilters that may be installed. For example, the Windows Server 2003 operating system natively supports text indexing from the following file types:

    • Text files (TXT, XML, and many more plain text types)

    • Microsoft…