• The new Access Control Tab in ProjectWise Explorer

    New in ProjectWise Select Series 3 is an access control tab where users can view and make changes depending on their rights to the security of a project, folder, and/or document.  This tab shows various items when it comes to security, it allows what aspects of security the administrator wants to see by either selecting Real (Workflow & Folder), Folder, and Workflow. Administrators can add users and delete users from having…

  • Sometimes you just have to share…

    If you link Office documents together or embed excel spreadsheet into MicroStation. You will need to share working directories in order for the embedded documents to display.

    When users share working directories they may receive error messages about not being able to copy out a file because it already exists in the working folder.

    In the ProjectWise datasource there is a setting that tells ProjectWise that it is OK…

  • Where does the display of the time such as Created, Updated & File Updated for a new ProjectWise document come from?

    The local time on a machine when a file was dropped into ProjectWise was 2:02:10 PM CDT. The time on the Integration servers when the file was dropped into ProjectWise was 3:02:10 PM EDT. The time on the Storage server when the files was dropped into ProjectWise was also 3:02:10 PM EDT.

    Where does the display of the time such as Created, Updated & File Updated for a new ProjectWise document come from?

    We gather all…

  • ProjectWise Thumbnail Extractor for Autodesk Revit Files

    The Thumbnail Extractor component can be installed in the ProjectWise Integration Server. This feature allows the users to see Revit file thumbnail images in ProjectWise Explorer.

    Autodesk Revit is not required on the ProjectWise Integration Server to use the Thumbnail Extractor component. However, ProjectWise Integration Server must be SS2 version with ProjectWise V8i Integration Module for Autodesk Revit, ProjectWise…

  • Audit trail for Workflow and State

    ProjectWise SS3 has moved the Audit trail settings to a new tab in the datasource properties.

    In ProjectWise Administrator, right click on the datasource and go to properties, “Audit Trail” tab.

    To change the Audit Trail logging settings, click the settings button.


    Changes have also been made to the way you set what to log.

    One slightly confusing setting is the Audit Trail for Workflow and State.