• Did Your User Synchronization stop synching?

    For various reasons your PW User Synch is not working.  First check the services on the server and ensure that the User synch service is running.  Typically this would be your Integration Server. If the services appear to be running, next open ProjectWise Administrator.  In your data source, go to the Windows Security System node and right click User Synchronization Service, and select Properties. When the dialog opens you…

    • Mon, Aug 29 2011
  • Using the BulkLoad tool

    When you want to import a large number of documents into ProjectWise, the BulkLoad tool can be used. The tool can be access by selecting Start > All Programs > Bentley> ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries x) > Tools > User Tools. The User Tools opens to a ProjectWise dialog. Double click the BulkLoad icon and log in to the datasource you want to load the data. 

    The bulk loading process involves the following…

    • Fri, Aug 19 2011
  • Are You Keeping Your Copy Outs?

    We get questions about files that are slow to open from ProjectWise. The person calling feels that it shouldn’t be slow because “Leave local copy on check in” is turned on in the user’s settings.

    Looking at the user’s settings reveals that yes this setting is checked on but the other setting necessary to make this work is not. So there is no performance improvement.

    The settings that I…

    • Thu, Aug 18 2011
  • ProjectWise and The RED X

    Have you ever brought up a ProjectWise Administrator or ProjectWise Explorer and seen a red X on the datasource?

    The reason behind it is due to a schema mismatch when doing a DMSconvert; it should recreate and force the DMSconvert process to recreate the table and indexes. In some cases it does not recreate the index and causes the red X to appear. For now we have found it is Oracle specific and for users moving to…

    • Thu, Aug 11 2011
  • Two meanings for "Caching"

    The word "Caching" has two meanings in ProjectWise.
    First there is a "Caching server" (formerly known as the "file transfer server"). A Caching Server is a server that holds a storage area and can be used as a gateway server. Caching servers are usually installed at remote sites so that the users have faster access to the files in the file storage area.

    ***Note:  Files stored in a Caching…

    • Fri, Aug 5 2011