• What is the difference between URL and URN Links in PW Exporer

    URN (Uniform Resource Name) finds documents the item's GUID. So if a document is moved to a new location in the datasource, the link is still valid. URL (Uniform Resource Locator) finds documents using the datasource path.  If a document is deleted from the datasource, and a replacement document with the same name and location is created, the link is still valid. If you open the shortcut's Properties dialog box, you…

  • Moving a SQL Orchestration Framework Database


    Let’s say you need your Orchestration Framework or Distribution Database on a different server. You could create a new database or just move your SQL database, storing your indexing records a different server. You are using the same SQL version.

    If you do not want to create a new database, you could clone the existing database to the new location. Then to connect to the moved database you would run dbsetup and…

  • Keeping Environments Organized

    Here is a way to organize lots of environments.

    In ProjectWise Administrator create a new environment and on the second page of the wizard select ‘An environment that defines attributes for other environments’.

    Now define Column Properties.   This will put an ‘Attribute’ tab in your other environments.

     When complete the new environment will have a red star instead of a green star.

  • How to Change Ownership of a Document to a New User

    In many cases after a ProjectWise User has been removed, the documents they owned are taken over by the Administrator or another user.  Sometimes the ProjectWise Administrator wants to change the owner to someone different besides the ProjectWise Administrator or that particular set owner.

    Here is how to do this:

    The ProjectWise User or Administrator will need to right click on the document, go to properties, then click…