• Create many files from one seed file in Projectwise

    Create many files from one seed file in Projectwise

    A user wanted to create a serious of files using the same seed file in Projectwise.  Each file would be sequential i.e. file1.dgn, file2.dgn and so on.
    You can create many files from one seed using the PW Export\Import tool

    First, create a folder in PW Explorer where the files we be placed, then add your seed file to the folder
    Next (using the tool) create an excel template…

  • Do you understand how ProjectWise SS3 and Revit 2012 Idesktop Integration works?

    ProjectWise SELECTsupport just added videos to our Files that include:


    ProjectWise Managing Revit Details

    ProjectWise Revit and 3D PDF

    ProjectWise Revit Standards and Families

    Creating Revit Application Associations in ProjectWise


    **Download the AppInfo.xml file for Revit Association Creation.


    'How to use your existing Revit Central files in ProjectWise' video is also available. Please contact ProjectWise SELECT…

  • New Feature for ProjectWise SS3 and Batch Processing

    Back in ProjectWise SS2 and prior when a user did a large MicroStation Batch Processing over a list of different files the user would get prompted to check in each document after it has been processed.  This caused users to not be able to walk away during a large Batch Process and come back when it's done, reason being they would have to sit and click check in on each and every single document.  The reason for this…

  • "Cannot have multiple items selected in a DropDownList" error in ProjectWise Web parts

    Are you running web parts and recieve this error?

    "Cannot have multiple items selected in a DropDownList"

    Another symptom of this problem in ProjectWise Web Parts running on SharePoint is that the Content Web Part will not show the full ProjectWise address, and if you attempt to edit the web part, you will get the error mentioned above.

    To fix this problem, log into your web server, open up the ProjectWise…