• Delta File Transfer Benchmark Wizard

    The Delta File Benchmark Wizard is a tool that will generate 3 files in your workstations temporary directory and will use those files to gauge the performance of the DFT technology.  The application will import these documents into a test folder in the datasource, check them out, make a predefined set of changes to the file data, and then check the files back in.  This will give the user a report on their performance on…

  • Windows Search Service vs Microsoft Indexing Service has a niche use in ProjectWise !


         Windows Search Service is a new indexing solution that is included in Windows Server 2008 as a role service in the File Services role. It creates an index

     of the most common file types on your server—such as e-mail, contacts, documents, multimedia, and other formats extended by non-Microsoft files.

          Indexing Service is an indexing solution that is included with Windows Server 2008, and was part of previously…

  • Enabling the Required Comment Prompt in Audit Trail of ProjectWise

    There are actually two steps in accomplishing this.

    First you need to enable the comment section in the datasource. Then you assign the required comment option to each user, to add or NOT add comments.

     To enable the comment section in the datasource do the following:

    1. Open ProjectWise Administrator and log into the datasource.
    2. Go into the Properties section of the datasource and select the Audit Trail tab and click…