• Ways to Export/Import directories and files into ProjectWise

    • Using the “Export…” option in ProjectWise Explorer to copy out the files in hierarchy form that mirrors the original directory structure in the datasource upon export, this method allows the user to use Windows drag and drop (Import) the directory structure and files into another datasource. The Export… option feature is accessible via the Document menu on ProjectWise Explorer tool bar.
  • Make Changing the “Active Version” Easy !

           It helps when working with version changes to have in the ProjectWise Admin module to make sure  the setting:      Document List > Show All Versions is enabled (checked)

           Also, to clarify the process of changing versions, it’s good to add to your “View” from top menu > Views > Manage Views and add columns for “Version” and “Sequence” to aid

     in changing versions.   The idea…

  • Search multiple help files at once with the ProjectWise CHM help wrapper

    Depending on which ProjectWise applications you have installed, you may also have several help files, and it may not always be obvious to you which help file to look in for information.  To make things a little easier, there is a file called the "ProjectWise.chm", a help wrapper that provides a single point of entry to all the ProjectWise help files that may be installed on a given computer.

    Here's how to use…

  • Ease the pain and prevent painful restores!

    Ok, so we've explained how to find the DMS folder id number in ProjectWise in a prior posting, so now if a user deletes a folder in SS3 you have to go through the painful process of finding the file/folder and restoring from your backup.

    Great, so how do you do this?  Basic disaster/recovery information can be found in the Implementation Guide that is delivered in the server download files. 

    In ProjectWise SELECTseries…