• Changing logical accounts to Windows, or Windows Synchronized accounts

    Scenario:  Your Projectwise logins where created using ProjectWise logical accounts and when the accounts were created the names did not match their window account names.  Now you want to changed the accounts to be windows domain or windows synchronized accounts but do not want the users to lose ownership of the their objects in Projectwise.

    How can you keep the logical user ID to be the same as their Active Directory…

    • Thu, Mar 22 2012
  • Cleaning up old entries from the PW database (chklcleanup tool)

    Did you know that the PW database records everytime a user checks out or copies out a document?  Over time, these entries might need to be cleaned up maybe after a user leaves, or gets a new computer.  Starting in PW SELECT Series 1, there is a tool delivered with the ProjectWise administrator to help you do this.

    The chkl cleanup tool allows you to remove copy out entries by user name or machine name... take a look at…

    • Tue, Mar 13 2012