• Can I delete files in the Async-Extraction Directory


    1.     Is it ok to delete the contents of this directory?

    •  Yes, it is ok to delete these files in the async-extraction”  directory


    2.     What are these files and where do they come from?

    • Files are placed in the async-extraction directory by one of the Document Processors. The Full Text Extraction, Thumbnails or File Properties. Once these files have been processed they should automatically be deleted from this…
    • Thu, Apr 26 2012
  • Enabling Simple or Automatic Check-in From Office Applications

    You can enable simple or automatic check-in of documents in each integrated Microsoft Office application as necessary, by configuring certain strings in the registry for each application. Simple check-in replaces the standard ProjectWise Check In dialog (that opens when you close a checked out document) with a simple Yes/No confirmation dialog that prompts you to check in the document. Automatic check-in checks in the…

    • Mon, Apr 23 2012
  • Having conflicts with the “R” drive mapping from the ProjectWise Revit integration?

    By default, the ProjectWise Integration Module for Autodesk Revit automatically maps the drive letter R (assuming it is free) on the user´s computer to the user´s ProjectWise working directory, so that every user in the datasource who is using integrated Revit is automatically using the same drive letter. This drive mapping allows for Revit synchronization with the central file. The drive mapping occurs when integration…

    • Thu, Apr 12 2012
  • Document Exclusion list

    Many ProjectWise Administrator's ask if there is a way to optimize Document Processor. Many get confused what to add in the File Type Associations in the properties of each Document Processors. Well hopefully this will help you.

    First off something you might want to reconsider is putting a * under the application column and Mapped to DGN's You are basically saying for all files to be read as DGN's. This is a common…

    • Wed, Apr 4 2012
  • Integrating MicroStation SELECTseries 3 with ProjectWise

    With the MicroStation SS3 recently released you may be wondering how to integrate it with ProjectWise SELECTseries 3. The good news is that the existing ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 3) can be used with the new MicroSation V8i (SELECTseries 3) release.

    The new features in MicroStation will not be fully integrated, however, basic integration works as expected. 

    Assuming that you already have ProjectWise Explorer installed…

    • Mon, Apr 2 2012