• SS4 provides Indexing Connector for SharePoint

    The Indexing Connector allows the search feature of integrated SharePoint to leverage the ProjectWise Full Text Index.  The ProjectWise Indexing Connector for SharePoint –Server-side files must be installed during ProjectWise Integration Server installation. Installing this feature creates a website in IIS called “ProjectWise Indexing Connector” See below for the General Procedure.

    General Procedure…

  • How to Configure FTR so Searches Work in a Load Balancing Cluster

    If you are running FTR in a cluster with 2 or more heads and 1 tail there is some configuration that needs to be done so that Full Text Searches can work.  Here are the steps: 


    1.     Configure the heads/tail setup correctly and make sure all of the globes in the OF Administrator are operational (they do not have any X's or !'s in them).

    2.     Shut down one of Integration Servers, if you have multiple nodes you will want…

  • ProjectWise Web Services Install for ProjectWise on the iPad

    As you know ProjectWise SELECTseries 4 Explorer is available on the iPad.  If you have downloaded the BETA server software prior to the official “release” of the Mobile access server, but haven’t gotten around to the install please download and install the released version.  

    Prior to starting please take a look at the FAQs . It is extremely important that you read and follow ProjectWise web services…

  • Dynamic Composition Server for PDF (DCS for PDF). What is it?

    Delivered with Projectwise SS4 (, DCS for PDF is the new Projectwise Distribution and Publishing system that lets you distribute renditions and source files across Projectwise datasources or to a different document management system via custom connectors.   Sounds like the old Distribution service.  Well basically it is, but it has been rewritten to include new features and increased performance. Much like the…

  • ProjectWise V8i SELECTSeries 4 and AutoCAD

    Recently we have been blogging about some of the new features in ProjectWise V8i SELECTSeries 4. Just so the AutoCAD users won’t feel left out; here are some nice changes to integration for you too.

    There are a lot of small improvements that add integration to previously unintegrated dialogs. Here is a list of dialogs that are now integrated with ProjectWise*:

    • Recover now opens files from ProjectWise.
    • Batc…
  • ProjectWise with SSL


    1. Register your SSL certificate on your gateway sever (this is something you will need to talk to the certificate vendor or your IT team whom can install and register it on the server)

    2. On the Gateway Server/Caching navigate to ProjectWise\bin folder and open dmskrnl.cfg in notepad.

    3. Find SecureConnection=1 and remove the ; in front of the configuration variable.

    4. Find SecureCertificateCommonName=CNFromCertificate…