• Where are my Microsoft Office thumbnails?

    If you have your document processors correctly enabled to extract thumbnails from your ProjectWise documents but still aren't seeing them for Office documents, take a look at this technote.  You have to configure your files first, take a look here for step by step instructions:



  • Watch out for these Install issues with Design Compare !

        Design Compare can be used to compare the contents between any two Microstation dgns in the content web parts. The program compares saved views to visually see, via color coding, which elements have been deleted, added, or had their style, weight, or level changed.      You may use the ProjectWise Implementation Guide to set up Design Compare as it covers many install environments. The main components are Integration Server…

  • Changes in ProjectWise SS4: Web Server and Publisher installation

    In previous versions of ProjectWise it was ok to install ProjectWise Web Server and ProjectWise Publisher on the same website.  With the release of ProjectWise SS4, that is no longer supported.  In the ProjectWise  Implementation guide on page 13-26 it states: 

    If you plan to install ProjectWise Publishing Server on the same computer as ProjectWise Web Server and Web View Server (which is not recommended), and if you plan…

  • I have a Head /Tail environment. When I upgrade to SS4, can I use my SS1 Indexing and Document processing servers?

    No – you’ll need to have them both on SS4. One reason is the Orchestration FrameWork database will be converted by the head. Then the tail won't be able to connect.  
    Another reason is the Orchestration FrameWork database on SS3 or earlier will not transfer over with DCS on SS4. With that said we recommend recreating the Orchestration FrameWork database.

    What does that OFW Database contain?

    1. The Orchestration…