• ProjectWise SS4 delivers a new mcm.user.cfg file for configuration of integrated MicroStation session

    Compared to previous versions of PW, MicroStation configuration variables are now delivered in the mcm.user.cfg file. The mcm.user.cfg file is placed in the “\ProjectWise\bin” folder during ProjectWise installation.  The mcm.user.cfg file can be used to change the MicroStation default behaviors based on user configuration variable settings. In this case, place a copy of the mcm.user.cfg file into the user profile…

  • Are you making the best use of your time?

    Your time is valuable and so is our documentation. Over the past few years Bentley software and support has worked very hard to provide excellent documentation (in great detail) on everything from the Implementation Guide that is delivered with the server install, and the Help Section delivered with the ProjectWise software.

    As business demands change, more and more consultants are brought in to assist companies with…

  • Are You Upgrading to Windows 7? Read This First.

    When you upgrade your workstation to Windows 7 it can affect your Projectwise working directory. The most common symptom is that when you are working with integrated applications the check-in dialog will not appear.

    The problem is that the Windows 7 OS has replaced the “C:\Documents and Settings” folder with “C:\Users”. The “Documents and Settings” folder does still exist as a Protected System folder. …

  • Optimizing Automated File Processing

    We often get asked what is the best way to optimize automated file processing or users are just not sure as to what settings are best for them.  In order to determine this there are a couple factors to take into consideration:

    1. Is your processing offloaded to a tail server?
    2. Is the server dedicated to just processing or are there other pieces of software running on this?
    3. When are you processing documents? 24 hours a…
  • Are You Interested in the ProjectWise Import/Export Tool?

    There was an announcement posted about the ProjectWise Export/Import Tool on August 8th, 2012:

    “ProjectWise Export/Import Tool is now available for all ProjectWise users”

    Here are a couple of hints about using the ProjectWise Export/Import tool.

    First make sure that you have the correct version. The ProjectWise Import Export tool is specifically designed for use with specific versions (or higher) of the…

  • Bentley Transmittal Services is Here!!

    Bentley Transmittal Services is out and this is your one stop blog to read all the links for transmittal.


    Bentley Transmittal Services for ProjectWise:



    Bentley Transmittal Services for ProjectWise FAQ:



    If you have any comments or…

  • Automatically populating two attributes with the same data

    I wanted to have two attributes with the same value but I did not want to have to enter the information twice.

    In Projectwise Administrator create two attributes.  In this example I named them ATTRIB_A and ATTRIB_B

    In ATTRIB_B’s properties, under the value tab, set the ‘Default value Type’ to ‘System Variable’ and then populate the field with $EDIT#ATTRIB_A$

    Do the same for the ‘Update…