• Control the amount of files in the Content WebPart

    Want to limit the amount of files a folder shows in ProjectWise WebParts? Simple!

    In SS3 and previous version:

    1. Navigate to the folder where WebParts is deployed to. (Site location usually is c:\inetpub\wwwroot if is deployed to IIS default website)
    2. Open ecom.config in notepad
    3. look for and change 50 in the quotes to an amount to refelect how many files you want to show in a folder in the Content WebParts and Save…

  • Moving your ProjectWise Database

    We get a lot of questions on how users can move their ProjectWise Database from one server to another.  This is actually a very easy task by following the steps below:

    1. Make sure all of your users are out of ProjectWise then shut down the ProjectWise Integration Server service.
    2. Open up your ODBC connection for ProjectWise (remember to use the 32 bit ODBC connection if you are using ProjectWise prior to SS4) and change…
  • Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit Integration

    Earlier this week, we released an add-in that can be installed on top of ProjectWise Explorer SS4 to allow for integration with Microsoft Office 64 bit.   The add-in can be downloaded through SELECT Downloads by selecting "Bentley ProjectWise" as the Product.  


    Take a look here for more information: