• New name for ProjectWise Dynamic Composition Server for PDF

    ProjectWise Dynamic Composition Server for PDF is now "Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF".

    So DCS for PDF is now ICS for PDF.  Same funtionality, just a name change.

  • Yet another SQL Express setting to note…

        On some configurations, you will need to reach another Server for offload of Automated Processers requiring  SQL Express. Sometimes in trying to connect to the remote server, you may get a “SQL server does not exist or access denied” message.

         A fix for this may be to … Go to SQL Configuration Manager via  All Programs >Microsoft SQL Server 2008 > Configuration Tools > SQL Configuration Manager > Highlight…

  • Where are my Mail Recipient options ?


    Open ProjectWise Explorer and log into your datasource.

    Right click on a file and scroll down to the Send To Option

    Typically you would see the following options:

    • Printer
    • Mail Recipient…
    • Mail Recipient as Link …
    • Messenger …

    However, what to do when you only see the 2 Options below:

    • Printer
    • Messenger

    What controls whether the Mail Recipient options are available? And more…

  • Recording Revit Workflows in Audit Trail

    To record document actions related to Revit worksharing mode, you will need to turn on the audit trail option, Document - Log Revit Worksharing Mode Actions.

    To record document actions that are not unique to the Revit workflow, such as creating or checking out a standalone Revit file, you simply turn on the standard audit trail options related to those actions.

    Note that this is a change in behavior from ProjectWise…

  • Not able to access or check out ProjectWise files via the web?

    Security is locked down on most Windows 7 machines so naturally one of the biggest problems with accessing ProjectWise via the web is IE settings and permissions. You may need someone with Admin rights to make these changes. 

    • Make sure that you add the Web Parts Site to the Trusted Sites List.
    • Turning Off Your Browser's Popup Blocker.
    • Active X controls and IE settings

    Group policy may be blocking the ability…

  • Need a way to backup a Project in ProjectWise?

    The ProjectWise Export Wizard can be used to export all folders, files, metadata, application definitions, environment definitions, and so on required to restore this data at a future date. This project can then be imported into any other datasource using the ProjectWise Import Wizard.


    Note: The Export Wizard does not export users and associated group membership, workflow states or security schema(s).


    Once the Export…