• Fixing broken workflow inheritance

    If you are using workflow\states for permissions, you know that when you need to add an account or group to a state, it is done using the administrator client.  However if someone adds a group or account to a state at the folder level, it will break the inheritance from any changes made via the administrator client.  So how do you fix this when it happens.

    In PW explorer, on the folder in question, go to the folder properties…

  • Control the amount of folders in the Navigation WebPart

    Want to limit the amount of folder seen in ProjectWise WebParts? Simple!

    In SS3 and previous version:

    1. Navigate to the folder where WebParts is deployed to. (Site location usually is c:\inetpub\wwwroot if is deployed to IIS default website)
    2. Open ecom.config in notepad
    3. Scroll to the setting below and change 100 in the quotes to an amount to reflect how many folders you want to show in the tree on the Navigation…

  • Database Maintenance for ProjectWise

    We get asked a lot what kind of database maintenance or things to keep in mind that a user should do on their ProjectWise system's database.  These should be basic tasks that a database administrator would take care of, but sometimes that is not the case.  Below are some areas that you will want to focus on:



    • Make sure your database is using as much memory as possible.  Sometimes a database will be setup with…
  • Security in ProjectWise

    One of the more common questions we get in ProjectWise support has to do with security, specifically why someone doesn't have access to a particular document or folder.    First of all, for a thorough explanation of all security concepts, please reference the help file and the following Greenbook written by some of our Professional Services colleagues:


  • Running Full Text Indexing on DWG Files

    Recently a number of calls have been received about setting up full text extraction with DWG files in ProjectWise SELECTSeries 4.

    There is some confusion about how to configure this because the implementation guide doesn’t include the configuration settings. However the Help file does have the configuration details. But, most of us are used to using the implementation guide and we all know that “Real” users don’t read…