• Changing the ProjectWise Publishing Server Administration page port

    The ProjectWise Publishing Server Administration page uses port 8082 by default. If you install ProjectWise Publishing Server on the same computer as SharePoint (which is not recommended), you will receive an error when you try to open the ProjectWise Publishing Server Administration page, since SharePoint is also using this port. To work around this problem, change the listening port for ProjectWise Publishing Server…

  • The New User Working Directory Node identifier in SS4

    Please note: This article is intentionally not published. Citrix XenApp or other Application Virtualization technologies are NOT currently supported by SELECTServer or Subscription Entitlement Services. The information in this article MUST NOT be provided to end users

    The new Node identifier setting introduced for ProjectWise Explorer users working in a Citrix environment. Actually, applies to all ProjectWise Explorer…

  • Why do my ProjectWise links disappear when sending or receiving PW links through web based email such as Gmail?

    Users have been asking for this functionality, however, ProjectWise does not integrate with IE so at the present time it is not a viable solution. 

    We do understand that more and more companies are moving towards web-based email so don’t give up just yet. Bentley is aware of this trend.  In the interim, there are some options that you may not have considered.

    • Outlook is integrated with ProjectWise. You can use…
  • Error When Full Text Indexing Excel Spreadsheets

    Recently we discovered an issue when full text indexing the content of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

    Before we discuss this issue you may want to brush up on the use of iFilters for Full Text Indexing MicroSoft Office Documents from previous Blog Articles

    ProjectWise Full Text & iFilters
    Published by Jo West on 5/27/2010

    How to Full Text Index Office 2007 Documents
    Published by ProjectWise Technical Support Team…