• Find all 3D or 2D DGNs in your ProjectWise Datasource

    Have you ever been wondering how many 2D or 3D drawings your datasource contains? If so, this post might help you.

    Although it is not something straightforward that you could achieve through standard PW Search. Almost. Lets search all our 3D drawings.

    A 3D drawing must contain a 3D model. If you use ProjectWise Automation Services, you can get your DGNs indexed which will list all the models and their types (please…

  • Are you wondering if your Projects in ProjectWise needs BTS support?

    Bentley Transmittal Services (BTS) integrates tightly with ProjectWise, allowing project Managers to track the lifecycle of a process in a ProjectWise Project.

    The service ensures the transmittal deliverable exchanges with external partners are trusted and processes are meeting schedules.

    The BTS transmittal workflow consists of three major steps:

    • Creating and sending the transmittal package
    • Receiving the transmittal…
  • Change WebPart aspx banner and logos

    Want to customize the WebParts aspx visually? Here are a few things that  can be done to add a company name or logo.

    *First backup the files ProjectWise_logo.png, Bentley_logo.png and banner.png

    A. Customize each image file to keep the size of the png files.


    B. Create new png files and update the code in the aspx files below.


    1.  Navigate into the site folder: c:\inetpub\wwwroot and open login.aspx
    2.  Look for…
  • Enabling and Disabling ProjectWise Dependency Service

    How to enable and Disable the Dependency service in Projectwise

    ***Please note that The Dependency Service does require a license.
    ***License usages will be reported as long as any datasource on the server has the Dependency authoring enabled.

    On the Projectwise Integration server, install\modify the Projectwise Administrator installation and be sure to check the “Dependency Service Administrator” option (as it is off…

  • Are you a new ProjectWise Administrator or would like to brush up on your existing skills?

    Great news, we have classroom training available for ProjectWise on the West Coast! 

    The ProjectWise V8i (SELECTseries 4) Administrator class has been scheduled in Walnut Creek, CA for April 9-11, 2013 and PW Admin registration is open.  Feel free to pass along the information to your users. See the link below for details.


  • Best Practices for using Recycle Bin


    I have used the Recycle Bin, prevoiusly with mixed results, its great during the day when the user has deleted a file, however I have experienced performance hit when the recycle bin is full, and a large amount of files are deleted.

    Below are my concerns, and I am hoping someone else has had the same concerns, does Bentley have a "Best Practice" for setting the size limit and maintenance of the recylce bin.…

  • Recycle Bin - Best Practices

    I have some concerns in setting the recycle bin usage for ProjectWise, hoping that others or Bentely has a "Best Practice" solution for this.

    Recycle Bin User:  This is the service account that ProjectWise is running under, in my experience the service account is not necessarily set to be able to remote into the server.  However this is the only way I know to be able to recover the deleted files

    Recycle Bin Storage…

  • ProjectWise in an Integrated World

    Here in the ProjectWise support group we get  questions about integration. It is usually one computer that isn’t working right. Maybe an AutoCAD file doesn’t open, the process stops with Drawing1.  Or when attaching a reference the Ref attach dialog doesn’t look in ProjectWise. Maybe exiting Word doesn’t open the check-in dialog.

    In almost every case we start by making sure that the integration is installed…

  • How to Optimize Bentley imodel Composition Server for PDFs

    With the release of the new Bentley imodel Composition Server for PDFs (ICS) one of the nice new features is that it is very customizable as to how fast you want it to run. How fast you can run this is purely depending on how much RAM/CPU you have on the machine.  A good starting point is 4 cpus with 8gbs of RAM but I have found out that 8 cpus with 16gbs of RAM seems to be the best when it comes to speed.  There are three…