• Monitoring and analyzing your system with performance counters

    One problem that seems to plague everyone whether you are using ProjectWise or not is performance.  Performance can make your system go from running smoothly to your users complaining that the system is unusable.  There are a number of different ways to do this, from looking at real time performance with the task manager's performance tab or to monitor this is with some performance monitors and then an analysis tool like…

  • Urgent! Oracle Database Character Set


    we want to migrate from ProjectWise 8.5 to ProjectWise V8i.

    Due to the infrastructure of my client, I have to migrate to a database with a WIN1252 character set (old database was UTF8).

    Do I face any problems?

    This is an urgent issue, so please anybody any expirience with that?



  • Failed dmsconvert message may be misleading !


         To make use if the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Advanced ProjectWise integration features, you must install the ProjectWise V8i Select Series 4 Integration Module for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013. In the ProjectWise SS4 first versions, there is Advance Integration for AutoCAD Civil 3D features that need a Server side procedure. There is a dmsconvert procedure where you need to add the AutoCAD Civil 3D Program Association, and update…

  • ProjectWise Storage Area Disk Space Availability Option

    Have you ever wondered how much disk space is available in your ProjectWise Storage Area?

    Are your users constantly running out of space?

    The ProjectWise Storage Area disk space availability and statistics option in ProjectWise Explorer can help determine what you have available.

    To determine how much available disk space you have in your ProjectWise Storage Area you would do the following:


    1. Log into ProjectWise…

  • PW Admins: Did you upgrade to the newest PW Admin on your machine to match your PW Explorer client?

    We always say, you can't mix ProjectWise versions on the same machine. So if you upgraded your client because you wanted the latest and greatest version of ProjectWise Explorer and then upgraded your PW Admin to match, if you do not upgrade your database you will get error messages when you try to log into your datasources in PW Admin.  

    Create Custom database Tables dialog box opens. "Do you want ProjectWise…

  • Error Message: Cannot start application for the specified document. Check your program associations.


    ProjectWise integration has been working and no longer is working for one or more of the following Microsoft Office products:

    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Word

     At times, one or more of the following errors are encountered: 




    Cannot start application for the specified document.  Check your program associations. Invalid parameter…

  • Updating your scheduled DCS jobs to run on iCS

    With the new ProjectWise SS4 Refresh Bentley Dynamic Composition Server (DCS) has been renamed to Bentley i-model Composition Server for PDF (iCS).  One of the problems of updating from DCS to iCS is that if you had any scheduled jobs with DCS they will no longer work with iCS.  The reason behind this is that the argument field in the old DCS scheduled job has changed.  Fortunately we do have a workaround for this and it…

  • How to manage ProjectWise Mobile Access server's local document cache?

    You might wonder how these documents are being managed, inreality this is identical to how ProjectWise Explorer client manages users work directory and the principle is the same. They stored there until user decides to remove files or delete the directory.

    ProjectWise Mobile Access Server stores ProjectWise documents in a local directory that is selected during deployment (c:\pwmas_workdir i.e.) before forwarding those…