• Are your Full Text Indexing numbers not catching up? Try this...

    With datasources growing and growing, some by 20,000 files a day, the problem of Full Text Indexing keeping all of the documents indexed and keeping them up to date has become an ever increasing problem.  Some users have been stuck over 1 million documents un-indexed for a while now with no help in site.  After some testing we have a solution for this, with the links below users have successfully indexed 1 million un-indexed…

  • How to speed up PW file transfer with DFT (Delta File Transfer)


    Starting in the initial v8i release (8.11.5.x), ProjectWise implemented the use of Delta File Transfer (DFT) technology.  This allows for only the differences in the file to have to be transferred as opposed to the entire file, which can significantly improve the user experience when transferring multiple large files over a WAN.  This post is going to explain when it works best, and what settings are needed to…

  • Filelist macro for Projectwise Excel import/export tool

    I would like to share a Excel macro which I have created for simplifying file import to Projectwise from XLS. This script allows to browse for folder and fill the file list in Excel spreadsheet.

    How to use?
    1. Enable macros in Excel

    2. Open PW_Excel_import_script.xlsm
    3. Click OK
    4. Macro Main window opens
    5. Choose "Browse" and select folder which to scan for source files for later importing in Projectwise…
  • ProjectWise Quick Search

    Hate going in to the forum and seeing all those search options. You will need a guide to use the regular forum search. The search however via the forum or the quick search is a powerful tool. 
    this post will cover few tips on how to use the quick search and the different syntax's you can use to run a search.
    First off, there are a three default searches that are listed under the magnify icon in the quick search field…
  • User Synchronization Service as an Intermediate Login Provider

    What if we have an integration server in one office that is not on a domain and we have a contractor connecting to it from another office who has a caching\gateway server in their office.

    The contractor wants to have his domain user accounts synch with PW.

    In SS4 there is a new feature that allows you to install the user synch service on a server at another location and synch users.

    If your ProjectWise Integration…

  • ProjectWise DMSKRNL.cfg Database Encryption

    At the bottom of the dmskrl.cfg file,  you may have noticed the following three lines.

    DBUserName=db_username  (database login)

    DBUsrPwdDecrypt=4  or 5    (depending on PW version)



    This section is for the database user account used by the ProjectWise Integration server to connect to the database. You can see the user account name (DBUserName = ) and you will need to know…