• What the Web won’t do for you…Continued

    A few years back, there was a useful  “Jo West” blog posted for giving information on features that ProjectWise Explorer clients
    would provide, but that you couldn’t utilize from the ProjectWise Web or PW SharePoint client. This is an  update to this.  The former link is below:


  • Windows 8 Alert File x86 / Bentley ProjectWise Does Not Exist

    Have you installed ProjectWise on a Windows 8 computer and all works fine until you open a MicroStation file?

    If it fails, do you get the message Alert File [(x86)/Bentley/ProjectWise/] does not exist?

    This message will sometimes indicate that the 8.3 folder name was stripped from c:\program files(x86), when MicroStation was trying to
    launch from ProjectWise.

    One way to test if this is what is going on is to do the…