• Why won't my Automated File Processing unprocessed files statistic go down?

    One recent feature to ProjectWise is the datasource statistics and inside of these statistics are the Automated File Processing numbers.  The numbers that catch most of our user's eyes are the files processed and the unprocessed files, these numbers are there to let user's know how many files have been processed and how many files have not been processed.  One question user's ask us is "Why do the unprocessed numbers…

  • Managing Reference Versions

    Have you ever wanted to use a different version of reference document for a master document or need to lock specific reference versions with the master document versions?

    In ProjectWise Explorer, you can update a master document to use a different version of the same reference document (see Fig 1a and Fig 1b.) The version that you specify will be copied out when the master document is opened and used instead of the active…

  • BS1192 -Projectwise Rules Engine and what you should know prior to installing

    What is BS1192?  This was a customization previously known as Document Action Manager.  It enables the configuration of user defined document actions for each workflow state. It enforces business processes and extends existing workflow capabilities. A pretty cool tool. 

    • When enabled, these actions override the built-in State change options.
    • Each Operation triggers a rule with a confirmation dialog.
    • Each Rule consists…
  • Control Amount of Files Returned in a Search in WebParts

    Running a search in WebParts can take long due  to the amount of files it will bring back in the search
    OR some just don't want to see so many files in a search result.
    If you navigate in to ecom.config in the folder directory where your site was deployed to in IIS and open it with notepad.
    Now look for: 
        <!-- Maximum number of items returned by search.-->
        <add key="LimitSearchResultItems" value=…