• ProjectWise and The Red X – A Different Red X

    Have you run into a situation where your Indexing server is not running?

    You run some jobs from ProjectWise Administrator and you do not get any errors.

    Umm, you check your Orchestration Instance Monitor and your Queues all display a RED X in the middle.

    See image below.


    In this case we had a head/tail setup as you can see from the names in the Queues.

    To troubleshoot this you would want to check the logs. However…

  • ProjectWise Mobile PDF Markup Workflow

    Marking up a PDF should be a breeze in Field Supervisor app on a iPad. Below you can find the few steps it takes to open a file in your choice of markup application, in this example I will be using Adobe Reader, markup the PDF and save the file back in to Field Supervisor (back in to ProjectWise)
    1. Open a PDF  from field supervisor and once it loads click on the 'action' icon on the top right corner of the screen…