• Bentley Automation Service V8i SELECTseries 6 (iCS for i-models) release 08.11.14.xx

    Bentley Automation Service V8i SELECTseries 6 (iCS for i-models) release 08.11.14.xx

    Bentley Automation Service V8i SELECTseries 6 will be releasing its next version this summer, 08.11.14.xx.  Bentley Automation Service is also known as iCS for i-models and is available as a separate download from the Fulfillment Center and is a separate install from iCS for PDF.  It runs on top of ProjectWise Orchestration Framework Service…

    • Tue, Jun 16 2015
  • Is ProjectWise Geospatial Management for You?

    Managing documents, database information, images, and data created from a broad array of geographic locations can be a difficult, skills-intensive process. For the most part, this information typically relates to a portfolio of projects and applications, too, making things such as project start-up times, team performance, and reusability of content an ever-increasing challenge.

    So, have you or your organization experienced…

    • Thu, Jun 11 2015
  • Bill McNamara: Advances in Engineering Content Management at Bentley LEARNing Conferences

    Join Bill McNamara, Director, Product Management for Information Management, at the LEARNing Conference for ProjectWise, next week, June 10-11 in Seattle, for an introduction to ProjectWise and AssetWise Engineering Content Management.  Also at the Conference - Bill joins with Vickie Hewitt and fellow ProjectWise Administrators for two “best practices” panel discussions on administering global organizations and global work…

    • Wed, Jun 3 2015